AutoMax™ Samplers


NewLarge Autosamplers

MANTECH, the inventor of the multi-parameter titration system, is pleased to introduce the NEW Large Autosampler for automated titration and ion analysis applications. This Large autosampler, offered in the Beaker Autosampler or TitraSip Autosampler format, continues in MANTECH's tradition of rugged automation solutions that excel in:

- Throughput
- Capacity
- Flexibility

New and existing customers will be very pleased to learn about the new INCREASED rack capacities:

When investing in the MANTECH rugged, accurate analysis solutions, laboratories will easily justify this automated solution due to the very quick return on investment, often less than six months!

Added capabilities include:
- automated sample preparation
- automated liquid handling
- automated heating cooling uses dry block temperature controllers (eliminates need for water bath)
- automation of non-titration techniques such as turbidity, ISE, color, and more
- automated covering/uncovering of samples

Large Autosamplers

271 autosampler   Standard Rack Includes:
122 x 50ml sample tubes
62 x 120ml sample cups
47 x 125ml sample cups
23 x 300ml beakers