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The AssayPlus™ product range is designed for those laboratories requiring automation of discrete, non-titration based measurements at economical prices. pH AssayPlus™ System

BOD AssayPlus™ System  

The AssayPlus™ family of products automate the following analyses:

  • pH
  • Ion Analysis by ISE (Direct or Std Addition) or Colorimetric
  • Color
  • Conductivity
  • Turbidity
  • BOD
  • COD

The pH, ISE, Conductivity and Turbidity AssayPlus™ is supplied in any combination required. For example, the following combinations are available:

  • pH AssayPlus™
  • Conductivity AssayPlus™
  • Turbidity AssayPlus™
  • Color AssayPlus™
  • pH/Conductivity AssayPlus™
  • pH/Turbidity AssayPlus™
  • pH/Conductivity/Turbidity/ Color AssayPlus™


The PeCOD AssayPlus™ is a new addition to our product line. This system is The New Way to Measure COD by automating the analysis of COD with PeCOD for up to 71 samples per batch.

More information on the PeCOD AssayPlus