Przemysł Chemiczny/Petrochemiczny

The Petrochemical laboratory's requirements for effective titrate systems and automation are a perfect fit with MANTECH's solutions. We actively participate in the ASTM Subcommittee D02-06 and have been involved in new method revisions and development. We have introduced instruments to address the needs of refinery and used oil testing laboratories. A wide variety of system configurations are available spanning our single parameter solutions to multiple parameters with large capacity autosamplers. For refinery and utility water applications, please go to the environmental products link.

Click on a Workflow Below:

PC-1 Workflow
Example: Refinery - analysis of H2S/Mercaptan, cuastic strength, cloride and MEA in a single system
PC-2 Workflow
Example: Refinery - H2S/Mercaptan for 10 or more samples per batch
PC-3 Workflow
Used Oil Testing Lab - TAN/TBN System
PC-4 Workflow
Example: Used Oil Testing Lab - dedicated TAN system for 15 samples or more batch