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Introducing the RapidDuo™

MANTECH is pleased to announce the release of the RapidDuo™.  The RapidDuo enables rapid multi-parameter analysis from a single sampleThe RapidDuo is the HIGH SPEED version of MANTECH’s PC-Titrate with TitraSip SA System. The TitraSip SA is the only multi-parameter system with titration in the world to have the US EPA's Environmental Technology Verification (ETV). 

Analyze pH, conductivity, alkalinity, fluoride and turbidity in 4 minutes or less, total cycle time!

RapidDuo Brochure
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TitraSip Systems Brochure
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MANTECH Detection Limits
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US EPA ETVRapidDuo Video

Analyze up to 197 samples, unattended, in a single batch!

Still, the largest capacity system on the market, and now even FASTER.

Benefits of the RapidDuo™ System:
  • Analyzes multiple parameters FAST
  • Quick Return on Investment
  • Rock solid technology
  • Follows US EPA approved methods


MANTECH delivered Multi-Parameter Solutions to the Environmental Industry 10 years ago, meeting the requirements of unattended analysis.  In today’s ever changing market, Environmental Laboratories are challenged to deliver results faster and MANTECH has the solution, once again with the RapidDuo.

Key Features and Benefits of the MANTECH RapidDuo™:

  • Utilizes US EPA ETV verified TitraSip SA technology
  • Backward Compatible.  Current TitraSip end-users may upgrade and cut the analysis time in half
  • Rapidly generated results are accurate and precise
  • Available configurations include stand alone, near-line or with the AutoMax sampler
  • Galvanic electrode separation allows for simultaneous and separate analyses from the same sample
  • IntelliRinse system ensures system and probes are clean before moving to the next sample
  • Generates results for your clients sooner
  • Durable, reliable
  • Delivers results that stand the test of time

How Does the RapidDuo Work?

The key to the success and development of the RapidDuo is MANTECH’s innovative TitraSip System and the PC-Titrate software.  The PC-Titrate software allows the control of 2 or more TitraSip modules in a single system.  Most functions and analyses occur simultaneously which is the heart of the FAST analysis.

In the case of a RapidDuo for conductivity, pH, alkalinity and fluoride, this is schedule of operation and analyses. 

  1. Rinse the probes, analysis vessels and all pipetting lines.
  2. Move to the sample and triple dip for the conductivity measurement (conductivity is automatically separated from the pH and fluoride electrodes).
  3. While measuring conductivity, simultaneously pipet sample aliquots into the alkalinity analysis vessel and fluoride analysis vessel.  TISAB is also simultaneously added to the fluoride analysis vessel.
  4. While measuring the pH and titrating for alkalinity, simultaneously stabilize and measure the fluoride concentration.
  5. Move the sampler arm to the rinse station.
  6. Simultaneously drain both analysis vessels and rinse the entire system using MANTECH’s dynamic IntelliRinse™.
  7. For the next sample, repeat steps 2 – 7.
  8. Total cycle time for alkalinities 500ppm or less, 3 minutes or less!

Upgrade Options:

SmartCal™ for scheduled unattended, calibrations and QC standards. The SmartCal:

  1. Enables running real, revenue generating samples sooner
  2. Increases the capacity of the AutoMax sampler for real, revenue generating samples
  3. Increases profitability

Turbidity/Color analysis, and many more:

  1. Analyse turbidity and/or color from the same sample!
  2. For a complete list of approved methods capabilities, please request the Approved Methods List

Dual Platform PC-BOD/Titrate:

  • Add the PC-BOD
  • BOD by Day, Titrate by Night