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PC-BOD/Titrate Duo™ - Overview
Key Features and Benefits


Introducing the PC-BOD/Titrate Duo™

MANTECH is pleased to announce the release of the PC-BOD/Titrate Duo™. The PC-BOD/Titrate Duo enables laboratories to prepare and analyze samples for BOD5 biochemical oxygen demand tests then, with the simple change of a rack and probe holder, analyze different samples for pH, conductivity, alkalinity, turbidity and more!

PCBOD TitrateDuo


What is Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) and
Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD)?


With the PC-BOD/Titrate Duo, MANTECH delivers:
  • BOD Analysis and Titration in one
  • Quick Return on Investment
  • Rock solid technology
  • Follows US EPA approved methods

BOD by Day, Titrate by Night

The PC-BOD/Titrate Duo is best suited for environmental laboratories with smaller to medium sized throughput. For example, a laboratory with 30 BOD bottles per day PLUS 20 samples per day for pH, conductivity and alkalinity. The Duo system is utilized more effectively, and it takes up less bench space than two separate systems. Because of the Duo advantage, it will be easier to justify a capital investment, and will deliver an even better return on investment.

Key Features and Benefits:


  • Follows US EPA, Standard Methods and ISO approved methods
  • Lower cost of training due to the DUO platform
  • Simple and easy switch between configurations
  • Common, dynamic rinse station for both platforms
  • Durable, reliable system, delivers results that stand the test of time
  • Innovative Autorun buttons simplify operation
  • Automated import and export from/to LIMS
  • Easily add more samples to the batch while running
  • Available with AutoMax™73 or AutoMax™122

PC-BOD Advantages:


  • Automated addition of dilution water, seed and inhibitor
  • Automated rinsing
  • Standard YSI probe and meter
  • Follows 21st edition of Standard Methods allowing seed to be added after 2/3 dilution water volume has been added, followed by filling to the neck with dilution water
  • Quick and easy sample set creation
  • Pre-defined sample sets including blanks, seeds and GGA’s
  • Capability to analyze BOD and CBOD samples in the same batch
  • Automates 5- and 7-Day BOD analysis methods

TitraSip Multi-parameter Advantages:


  • Automated pipetting
  • Autodilution capabilities for high concentration samples
  • Analyze pH, conductivity, alkalinity… all from a single sample pH/conductivity/alkalinity in 3 minutes or less per sample (total cycle time dependent on alkalinity concentration)
  • 48,000 step buret drive ensures accurate, precise titration results
  • Rapidly generated results are accurate and precise
  • IntelliRinse™ system ensures system and probes are clean before moving to the next sample

PC-BOD/Titrate Duo - Rack Capacities:

Sampler Type
BOD Rack
Multi-parameter Rack
11x300ml bottles
73x50ml tubes
23x300ml bottles
110x50ml tubes


1. The batch size for the BOD system may larger (e.g. 100 bottles in a batch). The software prompts the chemist when it is time to change racks to continue the batch analysis.
2. Additional titration/ion analysis racks are available, e.g.; 28x125ml for AutoMax73.



The powerful PC-BOD software is flexible enough to be setup to adapt to your protocol requirements, but simple enough to be used on a daily operational level by technicians.

For more detailed information on PC-BOD Software please click here.

  • Innovative MANTECH Autorun buttons simplify operation
  • Automatic exporting of results to LIMS
  • Real-time viewing of flags
  • Auto-calibration using the air saturation method
  • Customize results screen including user-defined fields

Main Screen:

Main screen

Run/Results Screen:

final end run

PC-Titrate Software

The PC-Titrate software controls all facets of the TitraSip Multi-parameter system.

  • Controls all facets of the Multi-parameter analysis from a single sample
  • Innovative MANTECH Autorun buttons simplify operation
  • Pick only the parameters required for each sample
  • Auto calibration for pH, turbidity, ISE, colour, etc.
  • Up to 16 calibration points for each parameter
  • Complete audit trail
  • Import/export from/to LIMS
  • Decision making capabilities, e.g.: IF/ELSE/WHILE
  • Built-in quality control system for electrodes, standards, duplicates, spikes etc.

TitraSip Multiparameter:

100ppm Alkalinity Curve

Titration Curve:

PCT Combo Screenshot

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