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PC-BOD™ - the latest news

The PC-BOD™ is designed to automate the BOD5 and BOD7 Biochemical Oxygen Demand methods approved for use in many countries around the world. Use of the PC-BOD™ will enable laboratories to conform to the following regulatory norms:

Standard Methods 5210B, 21st edition
Standard Methods 5210B, 20th edition
DIN EN 1899-1
DIN EN 1899-2

With this product release, MANTECH continues its innovative trend of software-based, flexible automated solutions for environmental laboratories. The powerful PC-BOD™ software is flexible enough to be set-up to the biochemical oxygen demand test (bod test) protocols required by any laboratory, but simple enough to be used on a daily operational level by technicians. The MANTECH innovation of Autorun Buttons has been fully utilized in the PC-BOD™ software.


What is Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) and
Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD)?

PC-BOD system
PC-BOD™ System


PC-BOD™ Software uses the same architecture as PC-Titrate™ reducing the learning time for PC-BOD™ users.

  • BOD and CBOD analysis in the same run.
  • Automatic addition of inhibitor for CBOD.
  • Easily add more samples to batch while running.
  • Control up to four pumps for rinsing, dilution water, seed and inhibitor.
  • Real time review of finals to be run, with due time and due date listed.
  • Ability to re-analyse during and after run completion.
  • Ability to reprocess data after BOD/CBOD set has been analysed and closed.
  • Automatic exporting of results to a LIMS.
  • Real time viewing of flags.
  • Autorun buttons for simple operation.
  • Auto calibration using the air saturation method.
  • Fast dilution pump enabling quick initial batch runs.
  • Rinsing between every bottle
  • Separate park probe method for storing the BOD probe between runs.
  • Follows the 21st edition of Standard Methods allowing seed to be added after 2/3’s volume of
    dilution water has been added.
  • Follows protocols for 5 day and 7 day BOD analysis (BOD5 and BOD7).
  • Other methods are easily incorporated into PC-BOD methods and calculations.

  • The PC-BOD™ automated system uses the NEW Large MANTECH Autosampler. This attractive, durable autosampler provides a rack capacity of 24x300ml bottles.
  • The rinse pump, liquid level sensor control and BOD probe stirrer control are built into one compact module.
  • A MANTECH interface is used with the system. The interface connects to the PC. The dissolved oxygen meter connects to the interface. The autosampler connects direct to the PC.
  • The rinse pump runs at 260ml/min.
  • The seed and inhibitor pumps run at 12ml/min as they are set to deliver 3-10ml of reagent. If a customer requires less seed, we recommend that the reagent be diluted to deliver larger volumes.
  • The dilution water pump runs at 620ml/min and is controlled as a volume addition pump and/or controlled by liquid level sensor meeting the requirements of all methods.
  • The PC-BOD™ is compatible with the YSI Models 52 and 5100 DO meters.



The PC-BOD™ SA (Stand Alone) System is designed for the laboratories that have limited numbers of samples. The benefit is the COMPLETE BOD analysis software and the importance of data integrity and correctness of the results. In addition, there is a simple upgrade path to add an autosampler.

PC-BOD SA System
PC-BOD™ SA System

The PC-BOD™ SA System includes the following interface

  • A quantity of one 15x300 place rack

Additional options available include:

  • YSI Model 52 dissolved oxygen meter
  • YSI Model 5905 BOD probe
  • Additional 15x300ml racks
  • Bar code scanner
  • Bar code labels

The various PC-BOD™ SA System Configurations are described below.

MANTECH does not expect that customer on-site installation will be required. MANTECH will provide distributors with videos and documentation allowing endusers to install and operate this system without distributors being on-site. We expect some telephone or web support during the installation period and first few runs.

The PC-BOD™ SA offers the additional benefit of being upgradeable by adding the autosampler and required pumps to make an independent automated BOD Analyzer measurement system. This is very important for laboratories investing in the PC-BOD™ SA software solution now with the capability for an upgrade to a fully automated BOD Anlaysis system in the future.

PC-BOD™ SA may be connected to an existing PC-Titrate™, AssayPlus™ or TitraSip™ SA System

The PC-BOD™ SA employs the traditional MANTECH interface and may be combined with a PC-Titrate™, AssayPlus™ and TitraSip™ SA System. PC-BOD™ and PC-Titrate™ software packages may reside on the same computer and operate independent of each other (they CANNOT be operated simultaneously).

This means that a laboratory with a PC-Titrate™ System may purchase the PC-BOD™ SA package for BOD analysis capabilities from the same computer and interface. This is specifically designed for laboratories with limited sample numbers (NOTE: see key technical items below).

There are a few key technical items to note:

1. The PC-BOD™ SA is a Stand Alone system. If this is connected to a PC-Titrate with autosampler, the PC-BOD™ SA CANNOT be used with the autosampler. It resides beside the system and bench space is allocated for it.

2. PC-Titrate™ and PC-BOD™ software is installed on the same computer

3. While PC-Titrate is operating/analyzing, you CANNOT analyze with PC-BOD™ and vice versa.

4. While PC-Titrate™ is operating/analyzing, you CAN in PC-BOD™

a. Review and re-process data from BOD tests
b. Set-up timetables, BOD Analysis methods and schedules

5. PC-BOD™ and PC-Titrate™ software cannot be in operation/analyze mode at the same time. In summary, both software packages cannot communicate through the interface at the same time.

An example of a laboratory that will invest in this capability (PC-Titrate™ with PC-BOD™) is a typical inorganic environmental laboratory with a PC-Titrate™ TitraSip™ System for pH, conductivity, alkalinity and turbidity. This laboratory may be running BOD/CBOD’s manually using a rudimentary excel sheet or a simple BOD application commonly offered by some meter companies for data entry/capture. With the inexpensive PC-BOD™ SA add-on to the MANTECH interface, they now have the complete, powerful PC-BOD™ analysis software. They will immediately notice the peace of mind gained from this package and will appreciate its ease of use.

PC- BOD™SA Software

The PC-BOD™ software will have the look and feel of the PC-Titrate™ software with many functions being the same. There are a number of critical operational differences and these can be learned through MANTECH videos and/or training sessions. Please click here for more information on the PC-BOD Software.


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