Mantech Inc.

The PC-Titrate™ System is the original Titration and Ion Analysis system that launched MANTECH into the field of laboratory equipment. Of particular importance is the use of a 48,000 step/stroke buret drive mechanism giving the highest injection resolution in the industry! !

The PC-Titrate™ System is an expandable system with the following capabilities:

  • PC-Titrate™PC-Titrate™ System
  • Titration & Ion Analysis
  • Conductivity Analysis
  • Turbidity Analysis
  • Color Analysis
  • Spectrophotometric Analysis (Colour AssayPlus™)
  • 4 galvanically isolated measuring electrode inputs
  • 4 individual 48,000 step Buret drives
  • Extensive sample handling & preparation capabilities
  • 40 digital Pump control outputs
  • Connect to any MANTECH Beaker Autosampler
  • Connect to any MANTECH TitraSip™ Autosampler

From this list, it is evident that the PC-Titrate™ is more than just a titrator, it is a versatile system that offers multiparameter analysis from the same instrument and in many cases, from the same sample!

There are literally 100's of PC-Titrate™ configurations. One of these will fit your requirements. Visit the industry selection section. A system meeting all your laboratory needs can be found there.

As the PC-Titrate™ system continues to evolve, we remain focused on flexibility and convenience.