Mantech Inc.

The QC-Titrate™ is designed for laboratories requiring analysis of a few parameters. It has the ability to connect to any of the MANTECH Autosamplers and offers sample preparation flexibility. It is a fully functional, "True Equilibrium" Titration and Ion Analysis system, available at a very affordable price.

The QC-Titrate™ System has the following capabilities:

Titration & Ion Analysis

  • Back titration ability
  • Built-in buret drive with 48,000 step/stroke resolution
  • 2 galvanically isolated measuring electrode inputs
  • 4 digital Pump control outputs
  • Versatile sample handling & preparation
  • Connect to any MANTECH AutoMax Sampler
  • Connect to any MANTECH TitraSip™Autosampler
  • Thermistor for Temperature measurements & automatic temperature compensation

QC Titrate System