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PeCOD® 15-Minute COD Analysis

The water quality monitoring system that is fast, accurate, easy-to-use and does not use dichromate. PeCOD® offers a unique nanotechnology-based approach to COD analysis that overcomes many of the problems encountered by existing COD analysis methods, making it the new global standard for COD analysis in laboratories, municipal wastewater treatment plants and industrial production facilities. The PeCOD® has been validated by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment (Method E3515), who now uses the PeCOD® exclusively for COD analysis.

The PeCOD® approach measures photocurrent charge originating from the oxidation of organic species contained in a sample to quantify COD.  The result is that the user obtains the most accurate measurement of organic pollution, in less than 15 minutes, with no use of dichromate or other hazardous chemicals. Click here to see a video on how the PeCOD® operates.

The fastest available method for COD analysis
PeCOD® is the fastest available method to quantify COD from a wide variety of waste streams, offering users unparalleled access to accurate information to make impactful process control decisions.  COD analysis simply requires pushing the “run” button and the COD result is displayed in just a few minutes, making COD analysis simple and safe for all operations staff to use.

Does not use dichromate and other hazardous chemicals
Operators no longer have to undertake potentially hazardous operations such as digesting samples with boiling sulphuric acid containing dichromate, mercury and silver salts (the “dichromate method” of COD analysis).  PeCOD® makes the laboratory a safer place to work, by eliminating the use of toxic and hazardous reagents in COD analysis.

An excellent BOD screening tool
An exceptional correlation can be observed between PeCOD® COD results and BOD, stronger in fact than seen between similar dichromate approach comparisons, due to the fact that PeCOD® COD analyzer does not require pre-digestion of the sample.  In most cases, PeCOD® can be used as a BOD screening tool, providing accurate BOD estimates in just minutes vs several days.

Proven COD technology
PeCOD® COD analyzer systems are used around the world and trusted by government regulatory agencies, national laboratories and universities, industrial sites, food & beverage facilities and municipal wastewater facilities.  The speed, simplicity and safety of the PeCOD® COD analysis technology is revolutionizing how these leading organizations are obtaining and using information to ensure regulatory compliance and optimize wastewater system operation.