PetroMulti™ Analyzers

Mantech Inc.

    TitraSip™ system
    PC-Titrate System with 2 buret drives
    and AutoMax122 Sampler

    47 x 125 mL rack, TAN&TBN analysis in the same batch run

MANTECH PetroMulti Analyzers are designed to effectively and safely automate the analysis of Petrochemical methods for TAN and TBN in new and used oils. PetroMulti analyzers are proven systems, and are currently being used by the largest oil laboratory network in the world.

What are Total Acid Number (TAN) and Total Base Number (TBN)?


What is important to Petrochemical analysis?

Following ASTM methods for TAN/TBN, the entire analysis for 1 sample or 100’s of samples is completely automated, requiring no operator intervention. In addition, there is no need to pause the system and manually wipe the electrode. Simply load the samples with weights automatically downloaded from the balance, click start and walk away.

TitraSip™ system
QC-Titrate with AutoMax73 Sampler
32 x 125 mL rack, TAN or TBN dedicated batch runs

With PetroMulti Analyzers, MANTECH delivers:
  • Rugged, durable technology
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Complete automation of a difficult methods
  • Safe, green automation in non-aqueous matrices


The MANTECH PetroMulti Analyzer will:

  • Actively and effectively rinse utilizing either a 3 or 5 stage rinse (depending on method conformity) utilizing a minimum amount of organic solvent
    - Contributes to a greener solution in the laboratory
  • Automatically add titration solvent to the sample and effectively dissolve the sample in the organic solvent
    -Eliminates handling of solvent by the analyst
  • Automatically titrate the sample
  • Use Smart MANTECH endpoint detection, correctly providing the answers following ASTM methods even for difficult samples with no apparent endpoints
  • Automatically extract the analyzed sample and organic solvent to waste
    -Ensures a safer working environment
  • Deliver results that stand the test of time

Proven Quality Performance

A Chemist’s quote:

“The helicopter lands in Kentucky and the gear oil is checked. The helicopter takes off and lands safely in Pensacola. We know we can count on the MANTECH PetroMulti Analyzer to deliver quality results that allow us to make correct, safe, operational decisions regarding our helicopter.”

AutoMax Samplers in the PetroMulti Analyzers

The heart of the automation system is the MANTECH AutoMax Samplers. The rugged, durable AutoMax samplers are true X, Y and Z autosamplers. The probe arm moves direct to the samples without traveling over unanalyzed samples. The samples themselves do not move which is very important with non-aqueous methods.

In addition, it is a simple matter to effectively assign rinse positions and utilize MANTECH’s IntelliRinse, thereby ensuring an effective rinse, while still minimizing organic solvent usage.

AutoMax Sampler Capacities

The capacity of AutoMax Sampler depends upon the total sample and solvent volume required, the sample cup used (diameter and height) and the number of rinse stations allocated. The following capacities utilize 3 rinse positions which include an electrode re-hydration station.

Sample Cup
AutoMax 122
AutoMax 197
62 97
50ml (TBN only) 73 122 197
Dixie Cups 32 50 77
Additional samples cups and custom racks are available. Rinse stations are included in the capacities


TitraSip™ system
AutoMax 197 with 77x125ml sample cup rack.
The largest capacity sampler for 125ml sample cups for TAN/TBN analyses.


PetroMulti Analyzer Selection Guide:

selection guide


PetroMulti Analyzer Screen Shots:

screen shots


D664, D3339, D974
D4739, D2896


Click here for available TAN/TBN Standards