Oprogramowania - PC-Titration PLUS Software

Mantech Inc.

MANTECH developed the first software based titration system in the world. From our initial design to our latest version, we continue to provide innovative, flexible and easy to use software. The titration and ion analysis software controls all facets of the PC-Titration PLUS System operation. It works as the control system, security system, data acquisition system and audit trail system. The hardware has been designed to effectively and efficiently operate with this software. Product and software development are closely integrated, which means you receive timely responses to your questions, suggestions and ideas!

The PC-Titration PLUS Software operates the QC-Titrate™, PC-Titrate™, TitraSip SA™, AssayPlus™ (except BOD AssayPlus™) systems.

Software Screenshots

Autorun Buttons
  • User defined, quickstart icons
  • Easy as 1, 2, 3
    1.Click on Autorun button
    2.Click Start
    3.Walk Away
Titration Method Control Screen Shot
Titration Method Control
  • Set-up important titration injection and electrode stability criteria
  • Define titration stopping parameters
  • Method versioning meets audit trail requirements
Titration Method Control Screen Shot
Titration Curve
  • Both set and inflection endpoints Either/or or simultaneously
  • Viewed in real time and for reprocessing data
  • Adjust filter values and data smoothing
Titration Curve Screen Shot
mV Titration - Curve - Raw - Data
  • View in real time and for reprocessing data
  • Complete raw data saved securely
  • View data from up to 4 different electrodes, all measured simultaneously in real time
  • Part of audit trail system
  • View endpoints and pKa's
mV Titration - Curve - Raw - Data Screen Shot
Schedule Example
  • The "heart" of the PC-Titrate™ software system
  • Defines the entire analysis process including:
    2.Measurements for ISE, turbidity, color, conductivity, time, etc.
    3. Autosampler move and rinse steps
    4. Intelligent functions such as "If, While and Wait Until"
    5. Includes user defined comments for every step for audit trail purposes
Schedule Example Screen Shot
Individual Sample Results
  • View in real time and for reprocessing results
  • See all results measured and calculated for a particular sample, e.g., pH data, conductivity data, raw mV data, alkalinity value, titrant concentration, sample volume, chloride, value, turbidity value and color value for a single sample in a single view
  • Very important part of audit trail system
Individual Sample Results Screen Shot
  • Define up to 17 equations per record and use an unlimited number of equation records per method
  • Each equation record linked to a secure results table for audit trail purposes - all data calculated from equations run in real time are saved!
  • Capability to test equations before actual use
Equations Screen Shot
Calibration Standards Screen
  • Define all standards, buffers to be used in a calibration
  • Use the units required for reporting (i.e., pH, ppm, etc.)
  • Up to 16 values defined fitted either by linear regression, point-point or quadratic lines
  • Additional set-up parameters include validation limits, port location, probe type, etc.
Calibration Standards Screen Screen Shot
Calibration Curve - pH Electrode
  • Define to use either linear regression or point-to-point fit
  • Up to 16 buffers may be defined
  • Define stability by time, mV/s or delta mV/delta time
  • Versioning of calibrations an integral part of audit trail system
  • Set validation limits prescribe whether a calibration passes or fails, real time notification of failure
Calibration Curve - pH Electrode Screen Shot;
Calibration Raw Data
  • View mV results of each standard and the resulting slope and intercept
Calibration Raw Data Screen Shot
Calibration Curve - Ion Selective Electrode
  • Calibration fitted to logarithmic curve
  • Define to use linear regression, point-to-point fit or quadratic fit
  • Define up to 16 standards
Calibration Curve - Ion Selective Electrode Screen Shot
Quality Control
  • View quality profiles for electrodes and standards
  • Anything that can be measured or calculated may be assigned
    a QC chart
  • QC may be viewed by statistical means, user defined limits or both
  • Outliers flagged and immediate real time notification may be set
  • All values displayed graphically and numerically in the same screen
  • All raw data saved
Quality Contro Screen Shot
Timetable Setup
  • Create batch type tables and save them for ease of use
  • Include QC samples, duplicates, calibrations, real samples, etc.
  • Define autosampler positions for each and every sample
  • Import the sample list direct from the LIMS
  • Priority Sampling
Timetable Setup Screen Shot