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The PC-BOD™ software will have the look and feel of the PC-Titrate™ software with many functions being the same. There are a number of critical operational differences and these can be learned through MANTECH videos and/or training sessions.

Main Screen
Main Screen has the innovative MANTECH Autorun buttons. In addition, the technician/chemist can very quickly view all final runs that are due today including the time they are due to run.

Click the Autorun button to begin…

Main screen


Timetable Entry Screen
In most cases, customers will have their standard BOD templates already created. The PC-BOD™ software has the ability to pre-define sample sets based on the customer, sample types, starting protocols, blank-seed-standards, etc. and quickly load/append to build the complete timetable to run at a specific time.

template blank


Timetable with Blanks and Seed Samples
Note that BOD and CBOD seeds are mixed together in this timetable. The “Is CBOD?” column lets the software know what type of analysis is defined for the seed, standard or sample (BOD versus CBOD). If the entry is NO, it is a seed for regular BOD samples. If the entry is YES, then the seed is for CBOD samples (samples with nitrification inhibitor added). The YES and NO entries are normally saved as part of the timetable for simple load/append functions. However, if there is a change, it is very easy to edit the entry.

e blank seed


Timetable with Append Checked
To quickly build a timetable, simply check the “Append to Timetable” circle, select the Timetable to add and click “OK”.

template append


Click Start…
Click the “Start” button and the software prompts you for the rack number that the bottles are located in. This is very important for maintaining data and bottle integrity. Once measured, this entire rack will be placed in the incubator.

inrun rack number


Calibration In Run
The first step in a BOD analysis is the Autocalibration. This requires that a bottle with 1” of water be in bottle position #1 (if defined in this manner) and then follow the on-screen instructions. This is normally done only once during each batch, but can be repeated as often as required during a run.

The OK button reads, “Is bottle with 1” of water in #1 position”. This is a reminder button to remind the technician/chemist about the calibration bottle.

Click “OK” and the autosampler moves the BOD probe to the calibration bottle for a percent method calibration based on air saturation.

calibration bottle


Initials Real Time Table
In this table you will notice the first sample is “calib” for the autocalibration. The volume columns are filled in with the actual volumes added as the reagents are added in real time.

final before reset


In this screen, the finals have been run, but not “Locked”, they are “unlocked” allowing the chemist to re-measure the sample(s) if there was a flag or other concern. You will notice that the initials have been “Locked” since they were measured 5 days previous and cannot be measured again. Re-measuring initials can be completed on day 1 before they are “Locked”. The new value is saved and the batch results re-calculated. Simply double click on Reset cell for the sample(s) to be re-measured, click start and the system will re-measure only those sample selected. The new DO measurements are saved and used for the BOD/CBOD calculations.

final end run


Post Run
In the post run, a completed batch may be loaded and re-analyzed with different calculations (for example Standard Methods versus EN/DIN). The re-calculated results are not saved, but they can be printed for a report.

Post run normal


Post Run with Flags Legend Showing
By clicking on the Flags Legend, a table of flags and their respective meanings appear.

post run with flags


BOD Rule Setup
This allows a specific unique method with rules for the BOD. The BOD and CBOD rules are saved in one method for simple batch analysis and audit trail purposes.

BOD Method


CBOD Rule Setup
A separate CBOD Rule Setup with appropriate rules. The CBOD and BOD rules are saved in one method for simple batch analysis and audit trail purposes.

CBOD method


BOD Quality Control Chart
Quickly and effectively track the results of standards (GGA) and seed correction factors.



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